Sunday, November 18, 2007

High School Musical Ice Tour....
Brian and I and Brad and Karri took our kids to High School Musical Ice Tour on Saturday in Salt Lake. We were so excited, we got the tickets along time ago and decided to surprise our kids. So at the begining of the week I told my kids that we had a surprise for them so they better be good (dont you love how sometimes we have to bribe for good behavior) So of course Brooklyn asks me like twenty questions a day about what the surprise is. So on Friday I tell them that we are going to Utah but I wouldnt tell them why. Saturday comes and we get ready to hit the road. Karri and I stopped at Walmart first and picked up these cute High School Musical shirts for the girls. And off we go. We get to Salt Lake and check- in at the hotel and hang out for a bit. Karri and I decide to give the girls their shirts but still not say anything so we told them that we found these way cute shirts that were on sale and wanted them to wear them. It was funny because they really didnt say much about them. So we go to the Gateway Mall to meet my brother for dinner before we go and there are all these little girls wearing High School musical shirts and hats and stuff. Our girls are wondering what is going on( I think the older ones may have a clue) but we tell them that its High School Musical Day. When we were in one store a lady asked Hailee if they were going to the High School Musical on Ice and she looked at her funny and said "Um I dont know" Karri and I were laughing. We ate dinner and then walked to the Arena and when they got inside and saw all the stuff they got so excited. I think I was more excited than they were it was Awesome and we all had a great time! Enjoy the slideshow, some of the picture came out blurring, but my girls wanted to use them anyways.
Ty's birthday was on Friday and we had a party for him with the family. He was so excited all day he kept singing happy birthday to himself it was so cute. We made taco's, spanish rice, and tator tots for everyone then he opened his presents. He was so excited about each present he didn't know what to do with himself.
After he opened his presents we had cake and ice cream. He has been loving the show " CARS" lately so we got him a "CARS" cake. He absolutely loved it, he had to show everyone as soon as they came over!
He had a great day and was exhausted by bed time. I can't believe he is three! Time goes by so fast.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!I definetely got all I wished for. I had a wonderful day, It started off with Brian and the kids waking me up singing Happy Birthday and then the kids gave me a gift from them (Brian took them to the store the night before while I was at young womens) I was so surprised and to see them so excited was priceless! Brian took me to lunch and we just chilled for the rest of the day it was wonderful! On Friday, Brian had told me that he had made reservations to one of my favorite restaurants at 7:00 so I was way excited about that. At about 5:30 my friend SueAnn called and asked if I wanted to go look at some furniture that she saw so she came and got me and we went to a couple furniture stores and then she took me home. When I got to the door it was locked so I rang the door bell and Brian answered. When I got in the house he had made a candle light dinner with candles and music playing, I was so surprised. While I was gone with SueAnn (which he arranged) he cooked steaks, teriyaki vegetables, salad, and shrimp. He even had dessert!! It was so romantic. He arranged for the kids to go to his parents house for the whole evening. So we ate and talked and danced. I cant remember the last time we danced, but it was awesome. Then we watched a movie. It was the best birthday present! It was just what I needed, a relaxing, romantic night with the hubby. Priceless!!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Family Halloween Party.......

Every Halloween it's tradition that our family has a party. We eat soup in bread bowls and the kids play games. The funnest part is seeing what costumes each family will come in. I decided that Brian and I would be Raggedy Ann and Andy, the girls would be rag dolls and Ty would be a teddy bear. I made mine and Brian's costumes and then bought the rest. I thought they turned out cute, even our wigs I made which was very time consuming! I have a trooper of a husband to dress in some of the stuff we have dressed in. :) The kids had alot of fun playing the cake walk game and the fishing pond. My dad also had a spook alley in our big shed that use to hold farm equipment. The 3 older girl cousins thought they were brave enough to go through and it didn't turn out so good, they were scared to death!! I actually was a little scared. But, we had a great time.