Monday, November 24, 2008

I AM THE COLOR........

You Are a Purple Crayon

Your world is colored in dreamy, divine, and classy colors.

You hold yourself to a sky high standard, and you are always graceful.

People envy, idolize, and copy you without realizing it. You are an icon for those who know you.

And while it is hard to be a perfectionist, rest assured it's paying off!

Your color wheel opposite is yellow. While yellow people may be wise, they lack the manners and class needed to impress you.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Ty....... I can't believe my little boy is 4 years old. His birthday was on Sunday and he was so excited! We had a little party for him on Friday. We took him and a few friends to Leo's and they had a blast. I think he was a little confused because he kept thinking his birthday was on Friday. When Sunday rolled around he was ready for his "real" birthday. We went to church and they sang Happy Birthday to him in Primary and he thought that was pretty neat. Later that night we had family over for cake and ice cream. He had a wonderful day! Here are a few things about him:
  • He's such a sweet little boy
  • He asked for a bath robe and an ipod for his birthday. So funny!
  • He loves to watch Dora
  • He says the funniest things, one day he came home from his friend Talia's house and told me that they broke up. I didn't know they were together! Too cute!
  • He has more energy than I know what to do with.
  • Right now he is very shy.
  • We have so much fun, just the two of us during the day.
  • He loves to fold the little towels and his pants.
  • He is very smart (sometimes to smart)
  • He can't wait for Dad to come home, he loves it when he hears the garage door open and runs to meet Brian at the door.
  • He dances and does gymnastics all the time. (Brian's not a big fan :) I tell him he has to get his energy out somehow)
  • He has been such a fun, good little guy.
We love you so much!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sunday, November 09, 2008


I am trying to catch up on some posts and wanted to make sure I posted about the big POISON concert that we went to. It was at the Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot, when we heard they were coming we were so excited. Who doesn't love some 80's music to rock to!? We also decided to dress up for the concert. The crazy thing about this was that we all pretty much had things in our closet that would work for 80's attire. And did you know the stores have alot of the 80's clothes. So all 10 of us hopped in Brad and Karri's Suburban and off we went. There was Me, Brian, Brad, Karri, B, Mandy, Nate, Candice, Nick, and Pam. Let's just say when we got there we were quite the site and we had lots of people stare. I think they were wondering if we really dressed that way, cuz ya know we fit right in with alot of the fair goers (if you have been to the fair ya know what I mean). We got there in time to eat some yummy, greasy food and then went to the concert. It was an awesome concert and we had tons of fun. Poison really did put on a great concert! Heres a picture of all of us. Don't you love Brian's mullet? HAHA!! Good Times......

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Turning 34..........

So yesterday was my birthday and I had such a perfect day! So to celebrate another birthday I thought it would be fun to list 34 things I did yesterday.

  1. Woke up to my husband singing Happy Birthday

  2. Received hugs, kisses, and birthday wishes from my kiddos

  3. Picked up the house

  4. Received texts from my friends and family saying Happy Birthday

  5. Received a text from Renae making sure I would be to my birthday lunch :)

  6. Checked e-mail

  7. Checked facebook- received birthday wishes from friends

  8. Took a shower

  9. Got dressed and ready for the day

  10. Received a Birthday Message from my Aunt, she's awesome she remembers everyones birthdays
  11. Gave Ty a bath and got him ready

  12. Went to the school and got Ty's picture taken
  13. Received text from my young women (love those girls)
  14. Went to Jakers for birthday lunch with friends
  15. Had great food and lots of fun with awesome friends
  16. Got a way cute magnet board from Michelle (thanks,and thanks for lunch)
  17. Went to get my license renewed (dont you love when they ask you your weight and height, with lots of people right behind you)
  18. Kids came home from school took McKenzee to piano
  19. Went with Brian to run errands
  20. Picked McKenzee up from piano
  21. Checked bloglines
  22. Trisha brought over a gift, way cute necklace (thanks so much! i love it!)
  23. My parents and sister and brother called and sang happy birthday, the whole song! Dang funny!
  24. Brian's parents came over and gave me a card and some money
  25. Brian's parents took Ty and Brooklyn to dinner and then they slept over (they are awesome)
  26. McKenzee went to Morgan's for the night (thanks Sueann)
  27. Went christmas shopping with Brian
  28. Went to the mall and bought my favorite lotion and spray at bath and body
  29. Went to dinner at Olive Garden YUMMY!!!!
  30. Did more christmas shopping
  31. Went to Coldstone and got a YUMMY treat!
  32. Came home and got into sweats
  33. Spent a wonderful night with hubby!! Love you babe!
  34. Had a FABULOUS day, thanks to everyone who made it great!!!