Monday, March 16, 2009

CRAZY LIFE.........

I can't believe it has been 3 months since my last post. I don't really have an excuse other than I think I spend to much time on facebook :) Since I am using this blog as a journal I wanted to go back and post what we have been up to in our CRAZY LIFE.......

I know your thinking holy cow she's gonna take us ALL the way back to October, I wanted to post our halloween pictures since I hadn't yet. At the last minute I decided to do a Cat In The Hat theme I tried to find costumes and had no luck so I got out the Ol' sewing machine and sewing I went. I thought they turned out pretty cute.
We went to Disneyland for christmas and we had a blast! It was VERY busy, next time we go we will go later or early than we did.
My brother was featured in the Rexburg paper in the cooking section. He makes the best Sushi and so they wrote an article about him and put his picture in the paper. Brooklyn and Ty love to help and watch him make it so they were in the picture too.
Brian and I went to some friends of ours cabin with some other couples. We had a blast we went snowmaching, played games, ate good food, and just relaxed. Thanks Jason and Michelle for a wonderful time! We had a fun Valentine's Day. We had heart pizza for dinner and frosted cookies with our cousins.
These were the shirts the girls wore to school.
We took the kids sledding to the Ucon pit and boy did they have a blast!! We met Brad, Karri, and their kids there. Candice and Nate came later with Linkin. Just as we were all sledding and having fun Candice and Nate decided to go on a big jump. They flew so high off their tube and when they hit the ground Candice couldn't move. We ended up calling the ambulance and they came and took her to the hospital. She ended up being very bruised and sore.

Before the BIG jump.

It seems like life can get so crazy with things but I wouldn't change those moments with my family for anything.