Sunday, April 26, 2009

Brooklyn turned 9 on April 11th. She invited a couple friends to go see the Hannah Montana Movie and boy were they excited!!

After the movie we came home and had cupcakes and ice cream and opened presents.

She had such a fun day! I can't believe she is 9 years old, time has gone by so fast.

Here are 9 things Brooklyn likes:

soccer~gymnastics~lipee~family~back rubs~the color pink~watching movies~jewelry~lotion

We love you Brooklyn!!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I went and got the mail yesterday in the FREEZING, COLD, WINDY weather. I was so grouchy because it felt like winter. I put on sandals that morning thinking that might help mother nature get us people in Idaho some SUN. Nope sure didnt. So as I am freezing and grouchy I get the mail and to my surprise I find this:

Boy was I EXCITED and it made me so HAPPY. I love recieving fun things in the mail. I won this DARLING table runner made by a very talented lady. It is so cute and I LOVE the fun colors, it just screams SPRING. Check her blog out ( she loves to quilt and has made some AWESOME quilts. Thanks so much MICHELLE I love it!! I am praying that it will help get SPRING here.