Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day Of School

I can't believe school is already in session.....where did the summer go? I feel like we didn't really have a summer, maybe because we still had crappy weather in June. Anyways, there has been lots of excitement, saddness, and anticipation for the school year to start!! When the girls got home from school they both were so excited. Brooklyn loves her teacher Mrs. Lines and is so happy that she has two of her good friends in her class. McKenzee loves Junior High and thinks it's fun to have a locker and seven different classes.

McKenzee- 7th grade

Brooklyn-4th grade
Ty- Pre-school

Ty actually started school today. He went for an hour and the parents got to stay and watch. He did so good, I have to say I have been a little nervous about how he would do but he loves it. Ever since the girls started he has been so excited to start and asked me every day for a week when it was his turn to go to school. It makes me so sad to think that my baby is in pre-school......and then I think wow I have 3 days a week for a few hours that I can do what I want. :) Whats a girl to do?????

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ty's first Primary talk......

Ty gave his first talk in primary two Sundays ago. I must admit I was really nervous that he wouldn't do it. He can be pretty shy, so I thought there was no way he would stand up there and speak in the microphone in front of all the primary kids. But he was such a brave little guy and stood right up there and said his talk. We were SO proud of him!!! This was his talk..........

I love Daddy, he loves me
We love mommy, Yeseree
She loves us and so you see, We are a happy family
I love Kenzee, She loves me
We love Brooklyn, Yeseree
She loves us and so you see, We are a happy family

Sometimes it's hard to be nice. I have to say I'm sorry, Sometimes twice. They say it's okay and we play some more .........

We're a happy family evermore

Father in Heaven smiles to see, When we are nice and try hard to be,

Kind to his children both you and me,

We have Eternal Families.
He did a great job!! He got right up and held the pictures and talked in the microphone so everyone could here him. Good Job Buddy!!!